Saturday, January 16, 2010

CHANCE PE DANCE - Movie Review

Have you ever, ever watched a movie about a Guy from Delhi in search of his heroic success in the Tinsel town. Yes this movie does also speaks about the same CINOSAUR age concept without any new approach to it. A higly talented ( dancing ) guy, poor family at Delhi, Dream of a Hero, Mumbai, A beautiful lover girl, rigourous efforts, retaliating failures, The End with Success. Yess this is the story line of the movie. Bothways if you have seen or have not seen this kinda movie with Shahid returning after his Kaminey suceess. so do you have a choice.

Ken ghosh claims that the script was developed having Shahid on mind, it would have been a better if he would have had a innovation in the concept rather than just toasting Bread Slice with an Iron box. Shahids hard work throughout the movie in Dance steps, growing to the next level in acting, making an Eight pack Ab are to be regarded however i doubt those will bailout this movie till next Friday. Genelia had defnitely under utilised a golden chance pe dance though stealing it from Jiah Khan. Camera and Music helps us against the communal disharmony of Yawing !!!.
The foot loose of the movie would defnitely glue you to your seats only if you have intrest over Disco, Jazz, freestyle and Dirty Dancing. Though not if you have seen movies like 'Step up' and 'Dirty Dancing' or if you have watched few recent telugu flicks of Allu arvind.
Lets wait till Kites to Dane again this year. Before which we will meet again for 'VEER' 'RANN' and 'MY NAME IS KHAN' i believe

Thursday, January 7, 2010

3 IDIOTS movie review

Its the same coldest time of the year, two years ago Aamir came with his BIGBANG theory on DYSLEXIC children – TAARE ZAMEEN PAR ( 2007 ), which now is part of golden pages of AAMIROGRAPHY. This time he is back teaming up with VIDHU Vinod chopra and Rajkumar Hirani, the pop DUO, in his 3-IDIOTS, movie claimed to be loosely based on chetan bhagath`s ‘5.1 someone’. Like the former movie this venture neither is regular one you get to see ( think ) in Bollywood screens.
If you ask me for the story of the film give me a yellow sticky i`ll write it in it for you. This could be simplified as what happens if rebelious Ramshankar nikumbh ( Taare Zameen Par ) clears his entrace for Engineering and joins a prestigious engineering college where Dr.Asthaana ( Munna bhai M.B.B.S )is the director of the institute.
story starts a decade after the graduation of college companions Farhan (R Madhavan) and Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) who get a clue on the whereabouts of their missing third friend Rancho (Aamir Khan). Now flashback runs to the ” those are the best days of life ” times of all these three freinds. Where Ranchodas was a defenitely a distinct being believes in doing what he enjoys and like any other cinema hero he is ready to do anything for his friends.

All through the first we set slice of the film we are set to watch the trio fight with the Director ( boman irani ) and also we get to watch Pia ( obviously Bebo ) falls in love with our so called weirdo hero. And interval brings us into the sudden death of a meaningfull movie, wears a filmy jacket. However re enters into the cognitive thought process of what is education, bottlenecks of current education system in India , ends up slowly with Farhan overcoming his family apprehension takes job of his dream and Raju inspite of commiting a suicide gets job, with his low grade marks, a salary to decide for. what else you are waiting for …. Oh yes hero and heroine, yes they get married and lived happily ever after. The complete plot revolves around a campus( little nostalgic ) and some fascinating shimla, manali and ladakh spots and yes we are in a techinical instituion without taking the pain of appearing for an entrance
Shantanu moitra and C.K muraleetharan has done their jobs so well that they are also running as subjects in the movie equally as any mentioned above. I am curious to check that how manytimes in a day does rajkumar hirani sharpens his scissors, such a flawless editing you get to see in the movie. Bravo pune film institue you have a good alumni. He equally has to be credited for the foolproof script and more importantly and thankfully there are no twin blades in the comedy dialogues. Swanand kirkirae has consistency in his Penpushing libido
Manish malhotra and Raghuveer shetty has given all the life to give these muskeeteer`s the college going look and they did have faired well too. Madhavan and Sharman has given us RDB performance again – Round of applause. Omi glares in his NRI quota, has cleared with first class. Kareena adds yet another feather in her Size zero hat ( is there a one ? ? ? ). Boman indispensably the one in the entire industry could have and has done justice to the role. He has taken effort, which is visible, not even to hint Asthaana, while playing Veeru sahasrabudhae ( where do they get these names. yaar ).
And only if say something about Mr.Perfect, i am insulting him. Why fear when Aamir is here. If someone still is reading this ( hello any one there ) its request we pose to Aamir that he clear all his arears now at any college let that be. This man has done everything from Bodylanguage, dialogue delivery, dressings, even in expression, however he succeeds in these efforts only below his jaw bone to enact a Tech graduate .And thank you vidhu for a complete package of infortainment.
If we are concluding this decade by 2010, this movie is countable one among those picture of the framed time” this decade “. GO FOR IT EVEN IF DEEPAK MASAND says ” i ll give 1 out 9 “.



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