Monday, March 22, 2010


You must have, by now heard and seen enough of, how this country is so much jingoistic and pseudo secularist for a form of art and right of expression for an artist, if there has to be One.

This picasso of India, who will celebrate his centenary by another five years, is really concerned about Freedom of Expression, and that why is choses to take the citizenship of quatar rather to give up Indian citizenship. What Freedom and Quatar aren`t those oxymoron. Before we discuss those issuesi wish to narrate short scene from a movie which can help us to understand the plot projected, about this Freeman to us, by Indian Media ( my favourite Sin to commit ).

This is my favorite tamil classic comedy. Where the lead character, Madhu, is a poor chap, who is been supported by few families for his livelyhood. Among those, one family decides to get madhu married to their then Mentally distubed daughter. Madhu overhears it and decides " before they make me marry her, I will love her ". In short before the Burden falls on us lemme start getting acquainted to carry it.

Hindutva, hindu funda`mentals.
If to object against someone who has offended my feelings and beliefs is Hindutva or fundamentalism, yes I am both of these. Let that be even licensed by the Queen, given Freedom of Expression. After painting for somany hindu idols in nude form, for expressing the purity and ( not )in the same line, hitler is been protrayed nude for his brutality. I am surpirsed Hussain has been hardly able to find even a single being in any other belief pure or sacred to protray as nude or neither the brutal Killers of LeT not been portrayed nude for their cruelty yet. He is been booked under IPC section 145, 145A, 146. 147, 148, 295, 295A all around the country. Still pending unresolved. Few cases were dismissed ever before they were borught to trial. Not even a single summoun has been issued. Law ministry in between has agreed even if one case is been argued strongly by a pleadant, it is assure Hussain will be prosecuted, even for a sacrielege

2006 - I Don’t remember any kaikeyi asked for fulfilling her wish. DO you.?
Inspite of painting so many hindu faith idols nude , even after a decade old agitation for him since 1996, why Hussain chose impose a exils only on 2006. I really don’t remember suddenly kaikeyi asking King dasrath to fulfil her three wishes to send the eldest son of Art Vansha for exile. But I remember one thing. It was a painting titled Mother India, portrayin Bharath Matha nude. This Hussain was less able to play with usual CUE Purity and stuff. This time the cases were filled for hurting nationalistics feeling. Media still bragging that Bharth Matha is just again a hindutva Mirage ( what ??? ). Hussain was gets to know that he has taken a wrong turn. Now he cannot play his trump anymore. The canvas very clear will few number of iron bars, a courtroom and judge for his purity will be painted nude will prosecute him atleast 10 years of RI. Then happenned the great escape to quatar first time.
If media has failed to help us with one detail in the news beat is the link between the above movie plot and Mr.hussain, before they prosecute us and expell us from the country, why not we flee from here, Escape from this place

Bend down Mr.Hussain.
In our secular country we are always taught to practice religious freedom and also tolerance. Or is it only hindu`s are expected to portray religious tolerance. I will say yes. It was on the release of the film Meenaxi our herald of art was under controversy. This time for penning verses AL-NOOR for a song the in the later movie. Which islam belivers claimed " the verses are from quran which do mean about the almighty and it cannot be used to refer a mortal and further a Lady. If you think media preached tolerance to these fundamentalist, then you get no points for that. Because this time they chose to herald the prodigical Rahman for his tiring musical journey till meenaxi, and so lightly has chosen to ignore the issue. However Hussain pleaded and did asked for public forgiveness. The Movie on the same week was out of theatres.

Question remain unanswered
1. why is that always Hindus alone has to practice religious tolerence in this Secular , Congress Country ?

2. Offending a nationalist feeling and with a book full of cases remains untrial or prosecuted for , how is a country , quatar, supports with a citizenship. ? Is it because he is a muslim
3. Why hussain, failed to paint someone from other religion as so pure. Or some even Armed peace ambassador Kasav nude for his bullet preachings on the nights of 26-11 like what he painted hitler to show his anger.
4. IS it Right for us to compare Rushdie and Taslima with Hussain, where former both are facing the situation instead avoiding.?

Have good time Mr.Hussain. Bye bye . . We soon expect you paint some quatari figure as nude as ceremonising your freedom of expression at quatar

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Our Bondhu was racing against his heart beats until Friday evening, until when the IPL has begunt. He was actualy munching more fear than what he can actually even bite. Definitely being in ruling party further more in India being a politicians he would not have be scared for any allegations, scam or scandals for sure. But very natural fear of loss of his seat. But why... Before which we may have to go for short travel in a newly built time machine.

Fasten your seat belts.....
It was on the blessings of an armed peace ambasador from Pakistan ajmal kasav and his fellow mates P.C ( not sonia` Personal computer ) became the portfolio of Home ministry, kicking shivraj patil right on his butt. Then came our Condolezza`s favorite Roshagolla man`s turn to DON the Finance. What so great about this prodigy that all in a night he was found by the Great Indian bahu as a right candidate for the role ???. Oh for this answer we may have travel a bit more in this journey

It was during the same seaon while India won its World cup, rememeber Kapil hailing the cup in his hands, smiling in full mouth, yes its then our great Pronoabh Mukherjee was a Finace minster. Then again in the year 1984 he was trumpted by Euromoney as a greatesht Finance minister of Universe. Here you have to realy note a fate of life " it was under him our MMS, Oh no its not multi media messaging you, dumbo, its Manmohan Singh the custom made robot for Prime ministers task, was working as a RBI governor. Look what he is now. This what it pays you to be a Congress loyalist.

2009 budget- I .
Yaah after becoming FM, ( Oh my god I am now tired of you its not Frequency medium but Finance minister.. OK ) though he was all years for the " Here I am , and this is me more I am travelling on my old age to foreing countries " by Bryan Adams , he all the way was hearing only " those were the best days of ma life ... It was summer of 82 " by bryan Adams.... Then he made all the cut copy paste to the old budget by our very own Anna and Sumbitted. IT was crucial period for Congrees facing an Election. Yes globally it was also the same time the petrol coted more than half of itw own price. But still we We were paying the same price for petrol.

Post election Budget
Yes the same AAM ADMI budget - ( no not Mango Man, but common Man Budget ), Which was focussing on common man. Bangra all over the Media AAM ADMI, COMMON MAN BUDGET. Even the Budget carried the word AAM ADMI for six times in it.

2010 Union Budget
26, FEB 2010 - Union budget was Presented ( do not read it as Submitted ). Didi complaints to the class teacher that this guy has pinched her at a wrong place. Even MMS said I am not ok with the parts of the budget like Tax on returns. Opposition walks out of Session, but who cares. We know they are always hindutva terrorists. And if its some body else they are not for the Poor, down troden, Minorities, who we bank upon for yet another 10 12 elecions to come.

27, FEB, 2010 - The Opposition gathers and calls for changes in the budget about the price of commodities, petrol. It was then Our pranab started shivering to death .. Oh my GAWD ............

28, FEB, 2010 - The same but we were told the opposition is jingoistic about govt and they have no clue how this budget will help in loooong run. Pranab ( shit scarred ) came out in media saying. " Noh Noh, I DIDh COShULTED EBERYONE AND I BWAS BWELCOMING SUGGhSHTIONS TOO.

A short commercial Break " all these meet at a unknown place may be behind the compound of hogwarts and decide , its time that we stop this. Else People may awake. So Stop this budget drama. Pls lets telecast something else.

01, MAR, 2010, nithyananda in South and the Snake Dance Swamiji in north were exposed to ppl. Yaah aprt from this we got watch the perenial news for indian media , Pakistan, Hafis saeed, Terror, India, Attack, Jihad, LeT. But Budget ...

02, Mar 2010 , additional tadka to the above issues but about budget. The Man Who is today prayed as the wall of India against the global recesion Y.V.Reddy expresses his view on the current budget as unsatisfactory. Only one visual media glimpsed on it for few minute again same ...

03,04 Mar 10, - - do - - - + The Paki External affairs miniter lies ( is it for the first time they do it ??? )

05, Mar, 2010 - The Womens bill talks on. The entire media is on women issues, india and women, feminism. But why. ? Hey dude its women day by another 3 days ok.

06, Mar, 2010 - do - + oscar fever

07 mar, 2010 - do - its Sunday Dude chill

08 Mar - same + the first lady oscar

09, 10, 11- mar - same same

12 mar - PRANAB thanks GOD .... AS IPL Begins. It will be long gone topic before the IPL ends. - A "skeptical, erroneous budget". But who cares .,,