Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Is there a god ? ?

Is there a god ? ?
I said there, Shall there be one

How do you know ? ?
I know, because i have a quest

So ?
My quest is real

IS it he or she ? ?
It could be neither and it shall be both

So u r not sure ? ?
No i a super sure. It could be neither and it shall be both

You don’t make sense . . .
Absolutely i  do. And  its not necessary for you to be on the contemporary space

You are insulting me
No i am jus revering your uniqueness

But it was statement about you
Being Unique is comparative statement, it needs a second person.

So you mean you are not Unique
I am also unique

How ??
I realise i am not Unique like you. So i am Unique

Means ??
All of us are Bending ourselves to find unique in ourselves, so everyone is un-unique of trying to be Unique. And I am not. So i am Unique and you common, who wants to be Unique.
GOD, Pls stop it.
See I found my God, you should thank me i have shared him with you aswell

IS he / she the Ultimate.
No it  ( God ) is penultimate.

Wat could be the  ultimate objective

Can you elaborate ??
To get to nothing from everything and anything mode. 

So God is just a tool or a mid link

So finding God is, finding a severed link or loop in the chain of Quest for nothing ? ?
No its not a severed link, it is to put the link to use, which was pre-existing.

So how is nothing better or important than Something and everything. ? ?
Do you have a plan to retire

Yes, one day
What do you want to do,  when you retire ? ?
Relax, do nothing, i have done enough hard work
Almost similar Like in life Nothing is also sometimes important than everything.
 So god is a retirement plan ?
Kinda yes.

 So which God can lead you to nothing ??

Yes which one, the one with Two hands or one with Four Heads or the one formeless or the only one. ?? -  
Wait the one you speak is a notion of God and i am speaking about God.

Pls explain ??
You are saying Tomato is Red and round, i am saying its sour or sweet at times. Every Tomato not necessarily has to be red and some could even not be round. But it would be sour or sweet or both.

So it not necessary to choose a red and round tomato for it to be sweet.   
Not necessary

So why don’t you try with someother tomato, other than the once you have inhand.
Yeah true, but i already have a Tomato, and i believe it would yield.

How are you so sure. Your god would yield you the most longed nothingness. ??
You will know only when you try

But wat if you fail. ??
There is nothing called, failure, its jus one more attempt.
So wat if you are not achieving it ?? will there be consequences ?
 You are not bound to quest. And there are no real consequences, except that you have rusted you aeroplane to rust without trying to fly it even once. 

(To be Continued . . ) 

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