Tuesday, February 28, 2017

CRORES and Cinema

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Soon we have a heavily hyped movie is out , the next thing so commonly we hear is, the movie has made record in BO, it has made a collection of 4500 crore and 99 rupee. A decae back atleast for an Indian Movie the 100 crore game was not so important. What really mattered was 100Days, Golden jubilee, 250 days celebration.

Is it a right scale for a movie to be rated based on its collection. I feel No. First a quick maths. IF we read a Movie has made 100 crore, barring the kabala opening day ticket mechanism Lets assume a ticket is sold for INR. 100 . a simple division would tell you the movie is jus been watched by 1 crore people, which is even less than the Gross population of Total Chennai population. and it jus 1 / 6th of the total population of the state.

Mostly the BO are announced with global figures, so the people the movie it has reached is much lesser.

Atleast in future lets not make BO collection as a important status symbol for the Movie

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