Saturday, July 6, 2013

Singam-2 REview

On diwali evening, one side there is a fire cracker, another side your
cousin lights a flower pot, your mom holds a lighting torch, a neighbor
shall blast a small green bomb, having skimpy dressed namitha or Mumtaz or
even mumaith khan on its cover, Suddenly your libido wakes-up, immediately
someone calls you to make a diwali wishes. This mixed feeling of Joy and
Fun, is wat I have undergone, watching Singam-2

Durai Singam, after successful completion of his Chennai assignment, returns
in sleuth mode to his home-town ( almost ) to Tuticorin. As an undercover
agent he works as a NCC trainer in a school in the day time and does all his
information gathering at his rest of time. As he is not a police officer
anymore, his father is yet to agree for his wedding with Kavya ( Anushka ).
Now new developments at tuticorin is his rivals, Dhanraj, Bhai, and Sagayam
trinity, who operates the narcotic belt of entire south from Tuticorin, for
an International drug peddler Dany, who is always said to on his on lounge
on International waters and never is said to have come into any political
boundaries of any country, who equally is dangerous.

Wait, wait, Hansika, yes she is school pupil( whattttttttt ? ? . did you
questioned Vijay being a College going guy or even Aamir. No right ! !. then
Shut=up and read ) and falls in love with Singam for his flex muscle
tantrums - high octane stunts. And yes she is niece of The Bad man Dhanraj.
Any further to divulge on the story shall appall this pen-pushing effort.

Full Paisa Vasool, as usual Like anyother Hari film. Right from his First
movie "Tamil", this directors every venture, ( except Seval ) shall display
an extended effort on screenplay and homework. Brilliant shall be
understatement for the screenplay and the editing. Surya has done justice
for the unsaid huge money. Compared to his any other venture DSP has done a
dull role only, no doughnut for you DSP.

Don't miss this Super fire brand cracker, which is here atleast for another
50 days.

Should we congratualate Hari for having 2 of his movie to have release on
Same day 1. Singam-2 and 2. Policegir, which is a remake of Saami.

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