Monday, December 30, 2013

HOCKEY or CRICKET, the debate continues

I should a be retard to write this, from a Country where Cricket is a  Religion, with biggest number of Followers next to its Maternal Religion, Hinduism. And we have No less God, Demi Gods, Pooja, Aarti, Superstitions, Idiots and Money.

In case of Cricket is a religion, I an Atheist.
Because before, I was born, in cricket, there were Batsmen, Bowlers, All rounders, Keepers, Fielder, Captain, Vice Captain, Selection committee, Coach but today we have only one group of people in Cricket, Who make Money for themselves and just others ( who have no need for it ). Heart can Easily pound, seeing the way India, has a blind affluence to this non native game. And its omni-pricking we have not found much stars, laurels and colours in our country, except for this game.

Let the Game begin
Whenever I put forth an idea or opinion against the arrogant support from Government, everyone of you for this Game, more particularly in a country we have more than 70 % of population which is defined as Youth between 20 - 35 ( The Biggest in the among the World ), its numbing people again blindly support Hockey, being a national game, we don't support it. I am against that view aswell. Here we have to understand few intrinsic points.

Everytime this debate opens up, I hear most of them saying " But Cricket is not even our National Game, why don't we promote Hockey ". For god-sake ( and if you don't believe god, put your wives or your bosses name ) pls think( i mean the real thinking, dont just browse Net . OK ?? ) before saying this again.

Our National Game is Hockey. - A Cross-sectional View
             To sum-up in Simple words, If we would have declared a National Game by 1983, we would have declared Cricket to be our National game and that's why Hockey is our National game till date. ( And Kapil would have agreed to Campaign for Congress he would have been given Bharath Rathna Too. )
By a decade down the line, I am scared, it could be, Temple-Run or Farmiville ( yeah yeah i know thats not Sports, but dont worry its not far we redefine the meaning of word SPORTS to our convenience, but before pls get approval from Ulemas of Pakistan . . . Okay. ? ).

             Yes, that's True, even today Indian Mens Hockey team has not peer for its record of 8 Gold, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronze in its Order Since 1928. That's splendid isn`t it. To understand why hockey rose to the fame of being a National Games, we need to walk along the Turf of Dhonis, Tendulkars, and Kohlis
of Hockey - Dhyan Chand, who made Derfurher ( yes you got it - 10 points -  it means HITLER ) his Fans, Feroze Khan, Ali shaukat.
                A Newspaper has said to be written " Perfection is perilous, for it tempts the gods. For once, this was proved wrong for even the god of weather paid tribute to the genius of the Indian players. Rain clouds, which had threatened to ruin the game, vanished into the blue, and thousands of spectators spent a happy hour marvelling at the incomparable artistry of the Indian team ". Yes it was after the Match India Played again Ceylon XI at Colombo, won Both matches by 20-0 and 10-0.
               If it would have been today, ESPN and Starsports would be running this a day long match and commentary for more than 4 - 5 months and FACEBOOK and Twitter will be jus filled with hockey sticks and Dhyan Chand ( Why did he had Chand in his name, itself can be posted as separate post, do you want me to write it ? ? haanhh ) pic in Profile pictures. From 1928 until 1956 Indian Mens Hockey team to lose was a World news and To win has become natural and its birth right. Todays Men in Blue is no comparision. We achieved our freedom before this Glory was set to dawn into Oblivion. Now that we have to hold something as National Game, we had Hockey as our National. We have 36 National Tournaments to-date for this sports, Odisha is the State, where this sport till date has craze ablaze, and because of which we have a big quorum of National players from Odisha only.
             If today being netizens we have no time to invest, how would you expect a License raj Squad run by JN, to find a right national game for our country. That's not fair. Not at all..

But only Nascent number of people alone will get the spark, that Hockey was introduced in India During 1885 - 1887 by British Army. This was purely introduced to differentiate between Cricket, a Game of Royal Whites and Hockey for anybody else. Wow, that's interesting Sports with a slavery
note. a Brilliant Colonial stroke Once again.

After being an Adult, everytime I watch Cricket, it always haunts me of the nostalgia of Struggles, Moronistic East India Company, the Irrepairable loss our country had undergone because of Britain, British, and Slaves of British. The Feeling is mutual when I watch a Game of Hockey, the Bitter taste of Slavery is unavoidable somewhere in the sight.

Mind you - IF you have to be against Cricket frenzy doesn`t mean you have to be Hockey Fan. Its like goes equally like, being a Critic of Kejriwal, doesn`t make me BJP loyalist, or a Fundamentalist.

Guess what, after all these.........  how will you feel if I tell you Hockey is no more our national game. Yes. Ministry of Youth affairs and Sports has declared hockey not as National Game after an RTI filed for the details, on Aug 2012. Now India has no National game. Who has time for it, lets make Money, More Money and buy a Flat somewhere, light our Childs future by killing all paddy fields and agriculture Land, and make the tomorrows society more dumb and Ultra Numb with NCERT.

Just because it was a National Game you cannot support Hockey. The promotion of all form sports is important and should be impartial. It should go with " Everyone is important and Nobody Indispensable "

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