Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Political Particpation : : Endemic of Corruption : : BUZZ word change

Today, if I have an account in any social networking site, I should better be speaking about three buzz words Political Participation, Endemic of Corruption, BUZZ word change for today`s India, in relation to the upcoming Election.

Facing an Upcoming election Narendra Modi, could be the man for whom the Entire FBians ( if you are not doing, then you are not a FBian ) are doing a free of cost Campaign for him. I am really curious to know, what version of these words do they mean when the speak. Did made attempts to understand the same, but was in Vain. What exactly are they looking for ? is absolute mystery.

Any issue, be it perenial or not, We ( Ok Dont cry no you !! ) Royal Citizens of India have few standard replies.
        A. These politicians are so corrupt.
        B. We Need Change from this Governance and we need some - X to run the governance.
        C. Its really not possible until we have political participation from Common Men.
Are these True. What do we really mean by these statements. We dont even spare the Education system, Religion, Caste system.

During my School, when i participate for elocution competition, the above lines used to get me and my peers a full round of applause and full scores, when said in time with correct punch and Pun. I even rehearsed more Lines alike. One among these is, we have elected these politicians to serve us and they forgot it. And even we had a famous line - The MLA visited our constituency during the time Vote Canvas, after that he never was to seen in the constituency. Thank God I have grown up from this Version.

If its Sin or Crime that your MLA has not visited your constituency, is it not equally wrong that you have not even visited his office even once without having any personal purpose ?. Is it not your Constituency ?. Do you even know who is your MLA ?. How big is your Constituency ? What is your MLAs Monthly Salary ?. What was his Net asset value, when he stood for first election and what is his current Net asset value.

Did you ever attempted to know, what is the fund alloted to you constituency every year. Atleast Last year. And how it is spent. If not spent how is it planned to be spent upon?.

Are they Laying Roads in front of your house. Do you know what kind of road it is, as in Simple Tar road / Asphalted Tar road / Concrete road or a mix. Or do we atleast know, which road is best suited for our locality. Who got the tender for it. Leave aside you constituency, fix the Above question for your Ward and your waard councilor. do you have answers for any of these. Oh pls Dont be filth saying - You dont have time to do all these and thats why you have nominated ( elected )a person to do all these, and hence it becomes not your duty anymore and its his / her duty to do all these.

                      Keeping quiet, maintaining a particular kind of policy is sthana; withdrawal from hostile actions for the sake of one’s own interests is asana; and taking no steps (against an enemy) is upekshana.” [Arthashastra VII:4]

Assume your 7 year old finds INR 5.00 from your home and you have not checked it for a ample time. guess what happens to your INR 5.00, it would have by now be a digested choclate in the Childs tummy. or Kurkure. An Unchecked money is always Futile. if its a case for INR 5.00 for your 7 year at home, its easy and more possible for your politician being corrupt. Now dont give me the idea of Self. Government Announces Subsidy on your Gas. Do we not have time to check for subisdy credit in our account. Have we not made our time to find it. The same logic applies in case of fund allotted for road, or any public work.

I Promise you, the  Endemic of corruption can be suddenly brought into control directly by these cognition. And pls understand Political participation, does never mean standing in election and winning a vote. And if you dont do the above question and by Insha Allah win the election, you are seriously good for nothing, because you will complete your tenure just by Learning what political machinery is. And this is called political participation. And for god sake pls understand you dont want a Common Man in a Political Chair, its a credible Man you need. You cannot vote for someone just because of he is Good man. Its like appointing someone as your Car Driver just because he is a Teetotaler. Do you ?  or do you check for the Car-Driving Ability and in addition you check for his Vices ?

And the Buzz word of Change, Which got Obama his first Dollar King Cap and even to an Extend Manmohan Singh, is really a Fake i tell you. If you are not cognitive of political system from its Micro Level no Man Can bring Change in the Political Arc, Even if its greadly lauded Narendra Modi  or Even to that matter Lord Krishna. Even he questioned Pandavas after loosing the Gamble - Duryodhana called Sakuni to play on their behalf, have you invited me ??. In short - ITs upto you now.

" Citizen is one who participates in Judiciary, else he / She better be a Slave, and he / She will be " And " Change do not happen until you Participate "

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